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Psychology is a science (objective area of study).  It is not Philosophy (subjective views unique to individuals or groups).  Psychology is not a "hard science" however.  Hard sciences predict consistent outcomes, such as in a chemistry experiment.  Psychology is a "soft science."  It is certainly based on evidence-based studies and techniques (hard--the scientific process), but people are uniquely complex in how they process and express their lives (soft--considers our humanness!).

The Spiritual tab is mostly devoted toward the "soft" science of Psychology.  In this sense, Spirituality is more related to Philosophy.  Even though this content is "soft," it is equally important to the holistic process of growing a healthy well being.  Even an atheist Psychologist will respect to the value of their clients' spiritual beliefs.  Because--whether real or not--the concept of a spiritual belief being real makes it relevant one's inner growth. 


People come from various spiritual or non-spiritual backgrounds.  I come from the Christian faith, so the resources in this section focuses primarily on this as its framework.  If you come from a different spiritual or non-spiritual worldview, feel free to explore this section, but it's understandable that you will explore other resources that fit your belief system.

"Psych" means "soul" in the Greek!  It originally meant "study of the soul."  So, I invite you to explore the Spirituality pages!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin -

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